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Climatic Tester for Temperature and Humidity Test ChamberProduct Profiles:Temperature & Humidity chambers are capable of simulating a wide range of temperature or temperature and humidity conditions. These humidity temperature chambers are well-suited for use in electronic, military, and pharmaceutical quality assurance and

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Climatic Tester for Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Product Profiles:
Temperature & Humidity chambers are capable of simulating a wide range of temperature or temperature and humidity conditions. These humidity temperature chambers are well-suited for use in electronic, military, and pharmaceutical quality assurance and reliability testing, as well as research testing and production processes.

All humidity temperature chambers have separated humidifier and electronic circuits in order to increase the life time of the tester. The powerful scirocco fan provides excellent cyclic airflow and prevents dead corners in the chamber and guarantees a uniform temperature and humidity throughout the chamber.

Working Principle:
Mainly through the air to the indoor space heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification test chamber built-in air room, circulating air duct heating device, refrigeration device, humidification device and circulation fan, the top is installed with air deflector and diffuser; temperature and humidity controller according to the design The temperature and humidity and the temperature sensor in the test box transmit signals to send commands, and the PID intelligent adjustment and SSR control module control the output of the heating humidifier and the operation of the refrigeration unit. Control mode, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term stable operation.

Test Standard:
2,GB/T 2423.2-2008
6,GBT 2424.5-2006
7,GB/T 10589-2008


1. The separation of humidifier circuit from electric circuit improves safety and protects the circuit against the leakage of water supply line.

2. Available in Chinese and English LCD touch screen, easy operation and program.

3. Temperature & Humidity Environmental Chambers are able to display the relative date and information of the whole operating system in running mode, graphic display. Precautions, maintenance and troubleshooting appear on the screen instantly.

4. The Sirocco fan motor provides greater cyclic airflow to avoid dead corner in the chamber so as to obtain an uniform distribution of temperature and humidity.

5. The system of heating up, heating down, dehumidifying, and humidifying can be operated independently so as to reduce the cost of testing, extend the operating life of the machine and decrease the failure rate.

6. Water Supply adopts automatic watering System, Circulating water supply together with water filter.

Standard Features:
Internal dimensions500mm*600mm*500mm(W*H*D)
External dimensions800mm*1530mm*1420mm(W*H*D)
Temperature Range-20ºC ~ + 150ºC-40ºC ~ + 150ºC-70ºC ~ + 150ºC
Humidity Range20%~98%RH
Temperature resolution0.01ºC
Humidity resolution0.1%R.H
Temperature deviation±0.5ºC
Humidity deviation±2%R.H
Temperature uniformity<= 2ºC
Humidity deviation±3%R.H
Temperature fluctuation±0.5ºC
Humidity fluctuation± 2%R.H
Heating rate>= 3ºC / min(-70ºC → + 150ºC)
Cooling rate>= 1ºC / min(150ºC → -70ºC)
CompressorImported French Taikang fully enclosed compressor
RefrigerantEnvironmental protection refrigerant R404A/R23
Cooling methodSingle-stage coolingMechanical binary refrigeration
BlowerCentrifugal fan with forced circulation
EvaporatorFinned tube heat exchanger
Condensation methodAir-cooled
CondenserAir-cooled scale condenser, cooling fan coolingStainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger
Filter drierAbsorbs residual moisture and acidic substances in the refrigerant of the refrigeration system, and filters out solid rest particles and copper shavings in the system to protect the normal operation of the expansion valve and capillary from ice and dirty plugging
Humidification systemStainless steel humidifier
Heating systemNickel chromium alloy stainless steel heater
Water supply systemFront-mounted water supply tank, automatic water supply system
ControllerTaiwan Visuo Controller
Setting methodChinese / English interface, touch input
Operation modeProgram method / fixed value method
Predetermined areaMaximum temperature range: 5 ºC
Storage functionStandard configuration 2G SD card to record test data curve, can upload and download data, expand storage capacity
Safety protection measuresThe overall equipment is over temperature, the fan is overheated, the overall equipment is under-phase / reverse-phase, the refrigeration system is overloaded, the refrigeration unit is over-pressured, the overall equipment timing, leakage, operation indication, automatic shutdown after failure alarm, etc.
Case shellHigh-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray (1.2mm thick)
Chassis inner wallSUS304 # stainless steel plate (1.2mm thick)
Insulation material100mm polyurethane rigid foam + 100mm high density glass fiber cotton
Standard configurationφ50 test hole, lighting lamp, double-layer vacuum strengthened glass observation window
Electric current6A8A
Power5.5kw6. 5kw
Power supplySingle phase, 220V, 50 / 60HZ

  1. To simulate test environment with different temperature and humidity
  2. Cyclic test includes climatic conditions: holding test, cooling-off test, heating-up test, moistening test and drying test…
  3. Cable port with flexible silicone plug for cable routing to provide the condition of test unit under operation
  4. Uncover test unit weakness in a short-term test with accelerated time effect
Chamber Design Features:
  1. High performance and quiet operation (68 dBA)
  2. Space-saving designed for flush installation to wall
  3. Full thermal break around doorframe
  4. One 50mm diameter cable port o left, with flexible silicone plug
  5. Accurate wet/dry-bulb humidity measurement system for easy maintain

Climatic Tester for Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Climatic Tester for Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

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Climatic Tester for Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber
Climatic Tester for Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber
Climatic Tester for Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

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